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2020-08-20《Announcement》 Application of 2019 Fall DFLL courses waiver (applicable for students enrolled before 2017)148
2020-08-18《Announcement》 Regulations of department credits waiver166
2020-06-19《Announcement》Construction Work Strengthening Building A of Liberal Arts Will Be Carried Out21
2020-03-09《Announcement》2020 DFLL Five-Year Bachelor's and Master's Degree Admission List264
2019-08-29《Announcement》Application of 2019 Fall DFLL courses waiver (applicable for students enrolled after 2017)165
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Events and Lectures
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2020-04-20《Speech》Interdisciplinary and Interface: A Crash Course in the Posthumanities--2020/4/28 (Tues.) 09:00m.26
2020-02-24《Call for papers》CFP: 2020 International Conference on 27
2019-12-23《Speech》Research methods in linguistics: Illustration from studies of language acquisition, language use, and language structure--2019/12/24 (Tues.) 10:30a.m.38
2019-12-18《Speech》The acquisition of quantificational structures and numerals: A cross-linguistic comparison of Chinese and English--2019/12/23 (Mon.) 10:30 a.m.29
2019-12-05《Speech》Blake's Chimney Sweeper: Divide between Dream and Reality--2019.12.25(Wed.)13:0040
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2020-09-28《Admission》2020 MA program admission3
2019-11-27《Admission》2019 Undergraduates Entrance Admission263
2019-10-23《Admission》2019 Undergraduates Entrance Admission oral test list323
2019-10-23《Admission》2019 Undergraduates Entrance Admission Oral Test List305
2019-09-12《Admission》2019 MA program admission454
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2019-11-29《Scholarship》 Information of Applying MOFA 2020 Taiwan Scholarship62
2019-11-13《Scholarship》MOE「教育部與世界百大合作設置獎學金」, 202035
2019-10-22《Scholarship & Grants》Aboriginal Students scholarship and grants23
2019-10-15《Scholarship》 CIEE Summer work & travel USA36
2019-09-03《Scholarship》2019 Fubon Scholarship37
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