Academic Performance

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CatergoryYearName of awardAward winner Awarding unit
Internal Honor2022外文系傑出教學教師Shang-yu Sheng國立中山大學外文系
External Honor2022 Li, Chi-fang Sophia (Distinguished associate professor) 
External Honor2022 Huang, Hsin-ya 
Internal Honor2021 Huang, Shu-ping  
Internal Honor2021 Huang, Shu-ping  
External Honor2021 Huang, Hsin-ya 
Internal Honor2021 Chen, Fu-jen 
Internal Honor2021 Huang, Shu-ping  
Internal Honor2021新進教師獎勵Shang-yu Sheng國立中山大學
Internal Honor2021Teaching Excellence Course (Sophomore English Listening)Tseng, Ming-yuNational Sun Yat-sen University
Internal Honor2021學術重點研究支援Shang-yu Sheng國立中山大學
Internal Honor2020 Huang, Shu-ping  
External Honor2020 Huang, Hsin-ya 
Internal Honor2019 Huang, Shu-ping  
External Honor2019MOST Young Scholar Fellowship (Einstein Program)Yi-Peng LaiMinistry of Science and Technology
External Honor2019 Huang, Hsin-ya 
External Honor2019 Huang, Hsin-ya 
External Honor2019 Yi-Peng Lai 
External Honor2019Conference and Research SupportShang-yu ShengThe University of Tokyo
Internal Honor2019 Chen, Fu-jen 
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