Undergraduate Program

1. Q: If I follow the regulations and complete General English courses, am I accepted to reach the Undergraduate English Graduation Threshold of NSYSU?

    A: According to the English Development Regulations for NSYSU non-English Major Undergraduates, students registering from the academic year 100 (including the transfer and foreign students) have to take 4 credits in the field of “Language Course: English,” and reach the English Proficiency Level of NSYSU. In other words, students have to get 4 credits AND attend for any of the indicated official English proficiency tests and reach the standard in order to complete the Undergraduate English Graduation Threshold of NSYSU.

2. Q: Why do I have to take official English Proficiency Test before I become a senior?

    A: It is not mandatory to take official English Proficiency Test prior to the senior year. However, we strongly suggest students take tests as early as possible. Should students fail to reach the standard, they can apply one of the remedial approaches to fulfill the English Threshold requirement.

3. Q:Is there any alternative if the scores of my English Proficiency test fail to meet the requirement?
    A: Besides keep taking relevant tests until the standard is reached, you can also……
    1) Take NSYSU Campus English Proficiency Test and reach the standard.It’s free to take the test for the first time. Fee for the following test is NT 500. 
    2) Pay for taking the Refresher Course in English and fulfill the course requirements
     -Starting from the second semester of academic year 102.
     -It is a one-semester course, 0 credit and 3 hours per week.
     -Details about the course would be updated on the course selection website
      -Cost for the course is equal to the credit fare of undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts: NT1,010*3hrs=NT3,030 (101th Academic year for example)
    3) Keep taking the official English Proficiency Test approved by NSYSU. If you get an improved score which is equal to TOEIC 550, you man adopt English Self-learning Project and fulfill the requirement.

4. Q:What are the implement and details of English Self-learning Project?
     A:More details could be found in “English Self-learning Project”

5. Q:When does the NSYSU Campus English Proficiency Test be held annually? 
           How many times does it take place annually?
    A:The test is expected to be held twice a year and one for individual semester. The test information will be announced by the end of May and December respectively. The number of test times is subject to change. Please follow the announcement to obtain more details.

6. Q: Can I adopt English Self-learning Project as the remedial approach if I get a score equivalent to TOEIC 550 at the first official English proficiency test? 
    A:According to English Self-learning Project, the ones who fail to pass the Bachelors’ English graduation threshold should register their scores which is received during college days into English Teaching Center, NSYSU and they should continue taking the same official test and get an improved score equivalent to TOEIC 550 or up to take English Self-learning Project. Therefore, if you get a score equivalent to TOEIC 550 at the first official English proficiency test you can’t adopt English Self-learning Project as the remedial approach

7. Q:Could I use the transcript and certificate taken in high school as proof document  to register my English graduation threshold?
    A:The valid period of transcript and certificate should be within 2 years after taking the test. For example, if you took the test in the summer vacation of 3rd year in high school and got the scores which could correspond to the “English Requirement”, you should apply for verification with that transcript or certificate by the end of the 1st year in NSYSU. (Be sure to attend the valid period.)

8. Q:How to inquire my result of verification?
A:You could check it on the website of English proficiency standard verification system. http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/EngTest/

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