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2024-01-24《Internship Opportunity》 New Taipei City Government Cultural Affairs Department 2024 Summer Student Internship13
2024-01-18Graduation Certificates Collecting Procedures, 2023 Fall Semester16
2024-01-02OSUN Online Course 2024 Spring Semester18
2023-08-18《Congrats》Miss Tsai Yu-ting awarded NSTC Research Project Grants for Undergraduate Students928
2023-08-18《Congrats》Miss Wu Yun-chen receives NSTC Undergraduate Student's Research Creativity Award888
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Events and Lectures
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2023-11-10《DFLL Lecture》【Beyond Culture: the Political Ecology of Re-Establishing Plant Relations】--10:00-12:00, December 9 (Saturday), 2023845
2023-10-17《DFLL Lecture》【文學翻譯與譯者角色】--November 1st, 2023 (13:10-16:00)869
2023-10-12《DFLL Workshop》400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's First Folio (1623) Workshop849
2023-10-06《DFLL Lecture》【Taiwanese-language Cinema (Taiyupian) in Europe】--112.10.24 (Tues.) 10:10-12:002957
2023-09-22《DFLL Lecture》【The Challenges and Opportunities that ChatGPT Presents for Language Courses and Research】--112.10.4838
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2024-01-17《Admission》Application for Five-year Bachelor and Master Degree --2024/2/1-2/1614
2023-10-27《Admission》2024 Timetable for Graduate Entrance Admission's Interview--Linguistics Track896
2023-10-27《Admission》2024 Timetable for Graduate Entrance Admission's Interview--Literature Track885
2023-09-05《Admission List》2023 878
2023-07-20《Admission》Application for Five-year Bachelor and Master Degree --2023/8/1-8/30920
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2021-12-27《Scholarship》MOE「2022 Scholarship for Studying abroad」901
2019-11-29《Scholarship》 Information of Applying MOFA 2020 Taiwan Scholarship1050
2019-11-13《Scholarship》MOE「教育部與世界百大合作設置獎學金」, 2020999
2019-10-22《Scholarship & Grants》Aboriginal Students scholarship and grants1117
2019-10-15《Scholarship》 CIEE Summer work & travel USA1052
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