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NameLu, Li-ru
Office phone number(07)5252000 ext. 3146
Job titleProfessor
Discipline1. 早期美國文學 (Early American Literature)(for graduate students)
2. 美國自然寫作與生態論述 (American Nature Writings and Ecological Discourse)(for graduate students)
3. 專題研究(Independent Study) (for graduate students)
4. 英美詩歌 (English and American Poetry) (for undergraduate students)
5. 英美小說 (English and American Fiction) (for undergraduate students)
6. 美國文學:1865以前 (American Literature: Before 1865) (for undergraduate students)
7. 西洋文學概論 (Introduction to Western Literature)(for undergraduate students)
8. 英文閱讀 I & II (English Reading I & II)(for undergraduate English majors)
9. 英文寫作I (English Writing I)(for undergraduate English majors)
10. 英文寫作II (English Writing II)(for undergraduate English majors)
11. 英文寫作III (English Writing III)(for undergraduate English majors)
12. 英文III-2級 (English: 3-2 Level)(for undergraduate non-English majors)
13. 英文高級 (English: Advanced Level)(for undergraduate non-English majors)
14. 英文中級 (English: Middle Level)(for undergraduate non-English majors)
15. 歐美經典短篇小說 (European and American Classic Short Stories)(開設於通識中心,for undergraduate students)
Research expertise美國詩歌(American Poetry)、早期美國文學(Early American Literature)、文學與環境研究(Literature-and-Environment Studies)、自然寫作與生態論述(Nature Writing and Ecological Discourse)、美國早期自然書寫(Early American nature writing))、旅行書寫(travel writings)
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