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          Campus viewed from College of Liberal Arts                        [College of Liberal Arts]    The veranda on the 3rd floor

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                    [College of Liberal Arts]    Front gate & the archway                                                                 Map of the campus

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                     [Hallway]     R301 ~ R304                                                       Class rooms 301~304

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                     Bulletin board                                      [Hallway]     R305 ~ R311 

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               R301-1 Reading room for undergraduates                                            R301-1 Reading room for undergraduates  -2

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      [Hallway]     R312 ~ R318                                                          R312 Lecture theater

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                Class room R313 ~ R315                                                                   Class room   R316~318

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             R201, R203 Lauguage audio-visual classroom                          R202 Multi-media classroom (Computer classroom)

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             319 Reading room for graduates                                                        R319 Reading room for graduates    -2  

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            Speech & Debate (Group competition) - College of Liberal Arts R706 Big Conference Room

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       Speech & Debate (Group competition)  - Speical Class Room                                R305 Conference Room-- Speech

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Activities of Foreign Languages and Literature                                               playground
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